Hondo Garden Club

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It’s a Small World.  We CAN Make a Difference

 Extending our hand in friendship locally, around the state, and across the nation


New Projects

  • Conduct an Educational Program with Meyer Elementary School students “Learning About Our Environment Using the Five Senses” at the Hondo Nature Trail and Park

 Continuing Projects

  • Contribute to Natural Disaster Fund
  • Celebrate National Garden Week
  • Conduct Youth in Action project
  • Sponsor youth projects and activities
  • Educate Club members and the Community about National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Backyard Habitat Certification
  • Plant natives when possible on all new projects
  • Memorial Garden on Hwy. 90 to the City of Hondo


New Projects

  • Conservation Educational Mini Moment

 Continuing Projects

  • Award Life Membership
  • Contribute to Brookwood Community Garden Therapy, Camp Tyler Foundation, Keystone Heritage Park, Texas Nature Conservancy, Seeds for Life, Riverside Nature Center, and Marbridge Farms.
  • Contribute to Headquarters Endowment Fund and State Scholarship Fund
  • Plant a tree and conduct a program during Arbor Day Season
  • Educate Club members and Community about Texas Wildscapes (TPWD) and Best of Texas Backyard Habitats


New Projects

  • Support National, State, and District VII Fundraisers
  • McDowell Middle School Educational Program on Recycling

Continuing Projects  (Youth Projects)

  • Collaborate with Meyer Elementary School students for Arbor Day Program
  • Contribute to District Scholarship Fund
  • Youth in Action---sponsor Litter Control Campaign
  • Continue Club commitment to community betterment through landscape planting and maintenance           


New Projects

  • Prepare Christmas wreaths to be delivered to Nursing Home residents during the Christmas season
  • Conduct an Educational Program with Meyer Elementary School students “Learning About Our Environment Using the Five Senses” at the Hondo Nature Trail and Park (HNT&P)                                          

Continuing Projects

  • Continue landscaping of Hwy 90 Pkwy Memorial Garden ~ 3rd yr
  • Contribute monthly to the local Hondo Beautification Fund ~ 6th yr
  • Contribute to the Hondo Education Foundation ~ 6th yr
  • Contribute to the fund for the Hondo Nature Trail ~ 6th yr
  • Continue to assist students and teachers in maintaining Backyard Habitats at four local schools emphasizingnative plants ~ 7th yr
  • Maintain entrance to Hondo Community and Senior Center ~ 6th yr 
  • Stress being greener to HGC members through programs and conservation mini-moments at each meeting and to community through newspaper articles, outreach programs, and individual actions ~ 65th yr
  • Volunteer time each fall to help the Hondo High School
  • Life Skills Class in propagating plants in its greenhouse for Garden Therapy ~ 10th yr
  • Work with Hondo ISD to maintain planted landscapes at Barry Field and High School Campus entrance ~ 9th yr
  • Support Hondo Athletic Booster Association ~ 5th yr
  • Encourage all members as well as the entire community to certify their yards as a Best of Texas Backyard Habitat through (NFW) National Wildlife Federation and (TPWD) Texas Parks and Wildlife Department ~ 10th yr
  • Monthly hostesses to furnish horticulture display at each meeting ~ 65th yr
  • Operate  Hondo Garden Club Thrift Shop on a year-round basis to support the club’s projects and to benefit the community ~ 60th yr
  • Exhibit floral arrangements and cut specimens at Medina County Fair ~ 26th yr                                                                
  • Judge and acknowledge the outstanding Yard of the Month within the community ~ 29th yr                                          
  • Blooming Days - Create and deliver baskets of flowers in the spring to local nursing homes ~ 49th yr                            
  • Decorate with lights on the Thrift Shop lawn during the Christmas season ~ 26th yr
  • Furnish and plant a tree in the community during Arbor Day season with Meyer Elementary School students ~ 64th yr
  • Conduct a Youth Litter Control activity in the spring of each year ~ 65th yr
  • Sponsor youth projects in local schools ~ 37th yr              
  • Ongoing development and maintenance of Nature Trail with City of Hondo ~ 11th yr
  • Award scholarships to local students ~ 15th yr                        
  • Maintain flower beds at City Park entrance ~ 16th yr
  • Maintain landscaping at Blue Star Hwy. Marker ~ 63rd yr
  • Pay initial certification fee on Backyard Wildlife Habitat Certification, either through Texas Parks and Wildlife Department or the National Wildlife Federation

How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.

William Shakespeare - The Merchant of Venice