Hondo Garden Club

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November 20, 2008


Beautiful decorations abounded throughout the Hondo Community Center




Outstanding Anniversary Cake

Three tables held the Garden Club Scrapbooks including  the first Scrapbook of the Club dated 1948-1950

President Lee Taylor welcomed everyone

2nd Co-Vice President Olga Duran shared a most memorable moment while working at
the Thrift Shop that morning. She received a call from the secretary to the
President of the United States expressing their regrets at being unable to make our
celebration, but offered their best wishes for the years to come!

President Taylor shared the certificate sent by the Texas Garden Club

The City of Hondo Parks Board members and City officials presented a certificate to the Club

City Manager Bob Herrera shares how proud he is of the Hondo Garden Club and all it has done for the city in 60 years

Medina County Judge Jim Barden tells everyone how much impact the Garden Club has had in the community

Former Garden Club President Sandra Hall presented a very comprehensive slideshow that encompassed
a good part of the club's history in pictures while she read about the club's activities for the past 60 years

Past Presidents of the Hondo Garden Club present were: (l-r)
Adell Jordan, Marylyn Mogford, Velda Cole, Ann Peden, Elaine Bybee, Lee Taylor (also current president),
Evelyn Herrmann, Doris Saathoff, Virginia Stevens and Sandra Hall.

Everyone present seemed to enjoy the celebration and visiting with members of the Club
and all the visitors